20 Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2023


Video Editing Software has become an essential skill in today’s digital age, whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, or simply looking to enhance your family vacation videos. Fortunately, there are numerous free video editing software options available for beginners that provide potent features without the need for a significant financial investment. In this article, we’ll explore 20 of the best free video editing software tools perfect for beginners.

  • DaVinci Resolve: DaVinci Resolve is a professional-grade video editing software that offers a free version with an impressive range of features, making it ideal for beginners looking to grow their skills.
  • HitFilm Express: This software combines video editing and visual effects compositing, allowing users to create stunning videos with ease.
  • Lightworks: Lightworks has a simple and intuitive user interface perfect for beginners. It offers professional-grade features like real-time effects and multicam editing.
  • Shotcut: Shotcut is an open-source, cross-platform video editor that provides various video and audio editing options.
  • Blender: While primarily known for 3D modelling and animation, Blender also includes video editing capabilities, making it a versatile option for beginners.
  • iMovie: Exclusively available for Mac users, iMovie is user-friendly and offers various features for creating polished videos.
  • VideoPad: VideoPad is a beginner-friendly video editing software that supports various video formats and provides easy-to-use tools.
  • Openshot: With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Openshot is an excellent choice for beginners who want to create videos quickly.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor: This Windows-based software offers various editing tools, including visual effects and advanced colour correction.
  • Avidemux: Avidemux is a straightforward and lightweight video editor that is perfect for simple editing tasks.
  • HitPaw Video Editor: HitPaw Video Editor is a user-friendly video editing tool perfect for beginners, with features like trimming, cutting, and adding effects.
  • Machete Video Editor Lite: If you need to perform quick video editing tasks, Machete Video Editor Lite is a fast and easy-to-use option.
  • Kdenlive: Kdenlive is an open-source video editor for Linux users, offering a variety of video editing features.
  • FilmoraGo: FilmoraGo is a mobile video editing app perfect for beginners who want to edit videos on the go.
  • VideoCruise: This user-friendly video editing software offers a range of features and is perfect for quickly creating videos.
  • JayCut: JayCut is an online video editing platform that allows beginners to edit videos without downloading software.
  • VideoSpin: a primary video editing tool for Windows users that’s easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • FlexClip: FlexClip is an online video editor that allows users to create videos quickly with a library of pre-made templates.
  • VideoShow: A mobile video editing app that offers essential editing tools, making it ideal for beginners on the go.
  • Magisto: Magisto is an AI-powered video editor that automatically creates engaging videos from your footage, making it perfect for quick and easy video creation.

Certainly! Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the 20 best free video editing software for beginners:

 What are the best free video editing software options for beginners?

Some popular free video editing software for beginners include Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm Express, and Lightworks, among others.

Is free video editing software suitable for beginners?

Yes, many free video editing software options are beginner-friendly and offer essential features for editing videos without a steep learning curve.

Can I use free video editing software on Windows and Mac?

Yes, most free video editing software is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Are there any watermarks in the free video editing software?

Many free video editors include watermarks in the exported videos. However, some offer watermark-free exports, so check the software’s terms and conditions.

Which free video editing software offers the most straightforward user interface for beginners?

Shotcut, HitFilm Express, and VideoPad are known for their user-friendly interfaces, making them excellent for beginners.

Can I edit 4K or higher-resolution videos with free software?

Some free video editing software can handle 4K and higher resolutions, such as DaVinci Resolve and HitFilm Express.

What audio editing capabilities do free video editing software programs offer?

 Most free video editors allow you to edit audio tracks, adjust volume, and add music or voiceovers.

Are there limitations in terms of video length for free video editing software?

Some free video editors may have limitations on the length of your video projects. Be sure to check the software’s documentation for any restrictions.

Can I add text and subtitles to videos using free software?

Yes, many free video editors allow you to add text, titles, and subtitles to your videos.

Are there any copyright concerns with free video editing software?

Free software is generally safe to use, but always ensure you have the rights to any media you incorporate into your videos to avoid copyright issues.

How do I export videos using free video editing software?

Most free video editors have an export or render option in the menu, allowing you to save your edited video to your computer.

Can I create visual effects and animations with free video editing software?

Some free video editors, like HitFilm Express, offer advanced visual effects and animation capabilities for beginners.

Are there tutorials available for learning how to use free video editing software?

Yes, many online tutorials and documentation are available to help beginners learn how to use free video editing software effectively.

Can I use free video editing software for professional projects?

While free software can be powerful, it’s often best suited for personal or smaller projects. Professional projects may require more advanced, paid software.

What are the system requirements for running free video editing software?

System requirements vary by software, but most free video editors have modest requirements and can run on standard computers.

 Is technical support available for free video editing software users?

Some free video editing software may offer community forums or limited support but expect a different level of support than premium software.

Can I upgrade to a paid version of the software later?

Some free video editing software offers paid versions with additional features and support, so you can upgrade if you require more advanced functionality.

Are there any free cloud-based video editors for beginners?

Yes, some online video editors like Clipchamp and Kapwing offer basic editing features and are accessible through web browsers.

Do I need to create an account to use free video editing software?

Some software may require creating an account, while others allow you to use it without registration.

What’s the best way to choose the right free video editing software for my needs?

Consider your editing requirements, user interface preferences, and the learning curve. Try out a few options to see which one best suits your needs and skills.


With the availability of free video editing software for beginners, you can start your journey in video editing without breaking the bank. These 20 options offer a diverse range of features and capabilities, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and start creating compelling videos immediately. Whether you’re a budding content creator, a small business owner, or someone looking to enhance their video projects, these tools provide a great entry point into video editing.


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