Angel Wing Begonia A plant with angle-like wings

Angel Wing Begonia

A plant with angel-like wings. Angel Wing Begonia is a Perennial plant species known for its easy growth and foliage stem. This plant is easy to grow and care for at home; soy plant enthusiasts are attracted to it. Cane begonias is another name for this plant, and it is famous due to its folded wing-like leaves and vibrant and pendulous wing-like flower.

These plant species are easy to care for and are best for indoor decor. In this article, we will learn about this plant’s basic features and care tips. This plant can grow up to 10 feet tall among all begonias species. The people in South America used to grow this plant in their homes as they became native to them, and the average period for growth of this plant is around one year.

Angelic Appearance of Angel Wing Begonia:

Angel Wing Begonia, The plant enthusiast, loves to keep those plants whose appearance is eye-catching. If a plant looks beautiful, automatically, a person will love to see it and feel fresh whenever they see it because, according to color theory, the green color makes your mind fresh and gives you a smooth and peaceful vibe.

So, as we are talking about angel wing begonia, as its name shows, these plants have angel-like wing-shaped leaves that glorify their beauty and appearance. The color of the leaves is between light and dark green, giving them a more attractive look, and the shine on the leaves gives them a smooth appearance. The begonias species have one side larger and broader than the others, and angle wings adapt this feature of its species.

Outdoor or Indoor Plant?

If we talk about the care of outdoor and indoor plants, we’ll find a vast difference in both caring methods. The question that arises in our mind should be what type of plant angle wing begonia are? So, the answer is they are “indoor plants.” People who are plant lovers and want more indoor plants than outdoor ones can buy and grow them as they will give you a peaceful look and make people feel fresh around them due to their color.

As they are indoor plants, direct exposure to the sun is unsuitable for them, but bright and partial shades are required for their nourishing. Moreover, these begonias species grow well in environments with more humidity, and the surrounding temperature is mild to moderate.

Essential Tips for The Growth of Plant

The soil in which the plant will grow should be more humid. The pot in which the earth will be poured should be big enough to handle the weight of the plant. Furthermore, more angel wing begonia care watering is required for these plants as they are indoor plants and grow well in moist soil, so the soil should be moist, not just wet; the moist soil will help prevent fungal diseases. If the leaves are turning brown, this is a sign of more watering and shows you that the earth is not moist enough to fulfill the proper nourishment of the plant.

When the blooming season starts, fertilizer feeding is required for better growth of leaves and also for flowers. The nutrients provided through feeding will help in the better development of plants.

The other important tip for better plant growth is temperature maintenance; if the room temperature drops from 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the plant will die, so the room temperature should be between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit. Furthermore, preventing your plant from direct exposure to the sun will destroy them badly, so place them somewhere the bright light is coming from an indirect source. That would be the better exposure for the growth of angel wing begonias.

Good Humidifiers And Insecticides

If you are living in a place that has a dry environment, the chances of dying the plant will increase, so a good humidifier is best for the plant growth and keeps them moist rather than wet.

Investing in the humidifier in that situation is the best option, and make sure that the plant’s soil will get stickier every time. Another prominent and essential tip to keep the environment clean and smoother is to have insecticides. The plant attracts pests, so the insecticides will kill them if used appropriately. Otherwise, there will be a lot of bugs and problems in the place where the plant is placed.


Plants are good for humans as they help in respiration and the vibe from a beautiful and charming plant is fantastic. People who love to keep the plants in their houses know the value of what a plant is giving them. Angel wing begonia green color makes your mind fresh whenever you see them. Also, the begonia species is known for its beautiful angel-like branch that attracts the attention of people who love to keep the indoor plant. Also, they are easiest to grow, and their caring method is relatively easy for laypeople, so they can easily have them in their houses.

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