Club América vs Guadalajara: A Rivalry Steeped in Tradition

Club América vs Guadalajara

Club América vs Guadalajara: No rivalry is quite as intense in Mexico as Club América and Guadalajara. Known as El Súper Clásico, this match has been played for over 100 years and is considered one of the most important events in Mexican football.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of one of these teams or just a casual observer, it’s impossible not to get swept up in this fierce rivalry’s drama, excitement, and history. In this blog post, we’ll look closely at Club América vs. Guadalajara and explore why it’s such a significant event in Mexican sports.

Club América, founded in 1916, is one of Mexico’s oldest and most successful football teams. They have won 13 Liga MX titles and numerous national and international championships. Club América is known for its aggressive playing style, flashy uniforms, and passionate fan base. The team’s famous motto is “Águilas por tradición, grandeza por obligación” (Eagles by tradition, greatness by obligation).

On the other hand, Guadalajara is a more recent addition to the Mexican football scene, having been founded in 1906. They have won 12 Liga MX titles and several other domestic and international tournaments.

The team is known for its commitment to playing only Mexican-born players, making them a symbol of national pride. Guadalajara’s fans, known as Chivas, are fiercely loyal and consider their team to be more than just a sports franchise.

The intensity is palpable when these two teams face off against each other. Players on both sides are known to push the limits of the rulebook, and referees often struggle to keep a tight hold on the match.

Off the field, tensions between fans of the two teams can run high, with occasional incidents of violence erupting between rival fan groups. Despite these negative aspects, however, the Club América vs Guadalajara match is a must-see event for sports fans in Mexico.

Club América vs. Guadalajara is so important because of its rich history. These two teams have played against each other for over 100 years, with the first match in 1916. Since then, they have faced off against each other over 240 times, with each match contributing to the ongoing legacy of this intense rivalry.

Many legendary players have worn the colors of these two teams over the years, and their performances on the pitch have helped to shape the course of Mexican football.

Another reason why this match is so significant is that both teams represent different regions of Mexico. Club América is based in Mexico City, while Guadalajara hails from Jalisco.

This geographic divide adds a layer of complexity to the rivalry, as fans from these two regions take great pride in their local teams. When Club América and Guadalajara face off against each other, it’s more than just a football match – it’s a cultural battle between two parts of Mexico.

The History of the Rivalry

The Club América vs. Guadalajara rivalry dates back to the 1940s, when both teams started their journeys in Liga MX. The rivalry got more heated as time passed, and the games between these two teams became must-see events for Mexican soccer fans. The rivalry has only intensified in recent years, with both teams trading blows in high-scoring affairs.

Star Players to Watch

When Club América and Guadalajara square off, there are always a few star players to keep an eye on. For Club América, it’s all about Federico Viñas and Henry Martín, who have been scoring goals at an impressive rate this season. On the other hand, Guadalajara has a solid front line with players like José Juan Macías and Eduardo López.

Intensity on the Field

The rivalry between Club América and Guadalajara is known for being one of the most intense in Liga MX. The players on both teams play with passion and intensity unmatched by most other teams in the league. This intensity always leads to a few heated moments on the field, with players pushing and shoving each other after hard tackles.

Recent Form

Club América and Guadalajara are in good form heading into their next matchup. Club América has won seven of their last ten games, while Guadalajara has won five. This suggests that both teams will be on equal footing going into their next match, which should make for an even more exciting game.


It’s always tough to predict the outcome of a Club América vs Guadalajara match, but based on recent form, we might expect a close game with a few goals being scored. If we had to choose a winner, we might go with Club América, who has been more consistent this season. However, as is always the case with this rivalry, anything can happen on the field.

The Great Rivalry – Club América vs Guadalajara: Pros and Cons

Pros of supporting Club América:

The first pro of supporting Club América is its history and success. Founded in 1916, the team has a long and rich history. They have won numerous domestic and international championships, including 13 Liga MX titles and 7 CONCACAF Champions League titles. Supporting Club América guarantees that you support a successful and storied football club.

Another pro of supporting Club América is their style of play. The team is known for their attacking play, quick counter-attacks, and ability to control the game. As a fan of Club América, you will get to witness some of the most exciting matches in the domestic league.

The final pro of supporting Club América is their passionate fan base. The team has a large following that is very loyal and loud. You will feel the energy and passion of the fans at every home game, and they will make you feel like you are part of the team.

Pros of supporting Guadalajara:

The first pro of supporting Guadalajara is their tradition and identity. The team is one of the few globally that only hires Mexican talent. This unique approach to building their roster strengthens the team’s connection to the Mexican people and their culture. By supporting Guadalajara, you are supporting Mexican football pride.

Another pro of supporting Guadalajara is its history and success. Although not as successful as Club América, the team has won 12 Liga MX titles and numerous international championships. Supporting Guadalajara guarantees that you are supporting a successful and proud football club.

The final pro of supporting Guadalajara is their passionate fan base. The team has one of the largest followings in Mexico, and its fans are known for their passion and devotion to the team. Attending a Guadalajara match means being part of the Chiva family and experiencing pure love for their team.

Cons of supporting Club América:

The first con of supporting Club América is its reputation. Club America is known for having many people who support them because of their success rather than their love for the game. The team has a reputation as the villain of Mexican football, and their fans are sometimes labeled as arrogant and disrespectful.

Another con of supporting Club América is their high expectations. The team is expected to be successful every season. Supporting Club América means accepting that there is always pressure to win titles, which can lead to disappointment and frustration when the team is unsuccessful.

The final con of supporting Club América is their rivals. Club América has several rivalries in Mexican football, including Guadalajara. Being a fan of Club América means facing criticism and insults from rival fans, which can be draining and unpleasant.

Cons of supporting Guadalajara:

The first con of supporting Guadalajara is their need for international success. The team has only won a few international championships, which can be frustrating for fans who want to see their team compete internationally.

Another con of supporting Guadalajara is its outdated tactics. The team has been criticized for being too conservative in their approach to the game, which can lead to boring matches.

The final con of supporting Guadalajara is their inconsistency. The team can be very good one season and then struggle the next. This inconsistency can be frustrating for fans who want to see their team be successful every season.

All You Need to Know About the Club América vs Guadalajara Rivalry

What is the Club América vs Guadalajara rivalry?
This is a long-standing rivalry between two of the most successful clubs in Mexican football, Club América and Guadalajara. Both teams are based in Mexico City and have been fiercely competing against each other since the early 1900s. Their matches are known for their spectacular atmosphere, with both sets of fans creating an electric atmosphere whenever they play.

Why is the Club América vs Guadalajara rivalry so intense?
There are many reasons why this rivalry is so intense. Firstly, both clubs are based in Mexico City and have large fan bases, so whenever they play, there is a clash of cultures and a high degree of competitiveness. Additionally, the two clubs have a deep rivalry that dates back to the early 20th century. This is spilled on and off the pitch, creating intense, high-energy games.

When do Club América and Guadalajara typically play against each other?
The two clubs usually play against each other twice a year, once in the Apertura tournament and once in the Clausura tournament. However, they may face each other in competitions throughout the season, such as the Copa MX or the CONCACAF Champions League.

Which club has had more success in the rivalry?
Club América has had slightly more success in head-to-head matchups against Guadalajara, boasting a 78-64-62 record against their rivals. However, Guadalajara has won more Liga MX titles than Club América, which greatly counts in Mexico’s football scene.

How can I watch Club América vs Guadalajara games?
If you’re in Mexico, the easiest way to watch Club América vs Guadalajara games is by tuning in to Televisa or TV Azteca, two of the largest broadcasters in the country. Suppose you’re to access online streaming platforms. Many, if you’re outside the country, streaming services, such as FuboTV, Sling TV, and beIN Sports Connect, provide Liga MX content.


In conclusion, Club América vs Guadalajara is a rivalry that any sports fan should not overlook. It’s a clash between two of Mexico’s most successful and passionate football teams, each with their unique history and culture. While this rivalry has negative aspects, such as violence and unsportsmanlike conduct, there is no denying its importance in Mexican sports. Whether you’re rooting for Club América or Guadalajara or just tuning in to see two legendary teams battle, this match will surely be a thrilling and unforgettable experience.


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