Delta Math

Delta Math is an innovation that helps students in the field of math. Math is a subject that needs a lot of practice and understanding and the Delta Math platform is an online website that helps students and teachers to practice maths. It’s a platform that will give you many advanced features to solve the problem step by step and also generate the most appropriate solution.

Delta Math is an online platform to practice or learn math from grades 6 to 12. Nathan Vernon, a math teacher from Oklahoma, developed it. He aims to provide an online platform to help students excel in math.

He created this online website so that students can practice and engage themselves through online platforms. Moreover, this web-based platform got global recognition over time as it’s become a platform where students and teachers can get help making quizzes and assignments questions.

Who Can Take Advantage from This?

When a website, App, or any other application is created, the first thing that comes to mind should be the target population, like which population will benefit from this innovation. If the population is higher, the chances of innovation development increase. Still, on the other hand,

if you are targeting a population that is lower in number, then the chance would get reduced in terms of its development. So, if we talk about delta math the target population is in 3 domains. The first one is

  • “students” they get benefit by practicing more as this platform will give them the solution to the question. Moreover, they will give the question first to students, and the student has to solve the questions. The feedback will be given on how many questions they attempted are correct or wrong. Furthermore, this program will not just give feedback but also provide the correct answers to the solution so that student can see their mistake and learn the correct method of solving the problem.
  • Other ones are “teachers”, as this platform target grade 6 to 12. Teachers can easily make quizzes and assignments from the question problem on the website and distribute them among students when teaching physically. Moreover, online testing can also help them as they can take tests through this platform by providing them the link and the questions, and after that, the system will automatically generate the answers and feedback, saving teachers time.
  • Lastly, “parents” are the ones that could benefit from this platform, as the solution to problems is given step by step, so the students who are in junior grades can easily take help from this platform and can teach their children how to solve the questions more easily. This platform also has a feature where there is more than one way to solve a question, so if the child cannot understand the one solution given by the website and move towards the other solution, they might find them easier.

Delta Math

Key Feature of Delta Math:

There are a few prominent and influential features of this platform. One is the problem generator. They can make or generate up to thousands of math questions in different domains, whether algebra, geometry, factorization, or equations. There are many ways to make a question and its solution, so this feature helps teachers and students in testing and practicing.

The other exciting feature is the step-by-step solution. They make sure to give the solution to the question step by step so that it can be understandable for the readers and students who got stuck in some questions. They can quickly get help from this.

They provide immediate feedback to students or anyone who is solving the question. Along with feedback, a person will get the correct responses to practice it and better understand how to solve the problem accurately.

A personalized learning plan is the platform’s other most important and helpful feature. In this plan, when you sign up for the platform, you will have to go through a diagnostic test that will assess your math skills, and based on your result, the system will make a plan for you to improve your weak areas in maths.

They will make a list and give individuals all the essential information for improving their weak areas. The system will provide videos and tutorials to help you understand and improve your math skills.


In the era of innovation, this tool has become the most effective and time-saving for teachers and parents if they want to teach some math problems to students and children. Moreover, for students, this platform is a way to enhance their knowledge in maths. This is the most effective and helpful platform for the ones who love to do math. Furthermore, all the helpful features the website provides will increase students’ problem-solving skills and give them much more benefit to learn math efficiently and effectively.


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