Landscape Drawing: A Way to Portray Nature Beautifully   

Landscape Drawing

Landscape Drawing A Way to Portray Nature Beautifully. For most people, drawing is a way to express the emotions. It works as a therapy and helps an individual to deal with their traumas and vulnerable emotions sometimes. On the other hand, some people have an inborn talent to draw things perfectly and beautifully. If we talk about nature and its beauty, then we cannot forget to take a look at landscape drawing.

Earth is a beautiful place with natural scenery and the landscape drawing artist knows it’s worth more than anyone when it comes to drawing a scenery in an outdoor environment. As the name shows landscape drawing are drawings that are a visual representation of natural scenery in which all the beauty of nature includes trees, mountains, clouds, birds, greenery, and many more things that comes under the definition of nature and its beauty.

Historic Background of Landscape Drawing:

We know that everything has roots that trace back to ancient history, people earlier would focus less on landscape drawing as this domain was considered as supporting one as compared to religious, portrait, and spiritual topics. As time passes the focus on the artist and their talent in the field of sketches and drawing increases, in drawing there are many domains like sketches, oil painting, landscape drawing, portraits, etc.

Connection with Environment:

The artist who made paintings of natural scenery developed a special connection with the environment as their drawing is a way to portray how the scene looks like in actuality and also to express how the environment feels, and how the beauty looks like. The day scenery has different charm and beauty as compared to night scenery.

All artist who loves to paint landscape not only focus on the scenery but also on the peace the environment and the surrounding give. Furthermore, not only the mountain, trees are part of this drawing it can be house roads with trees where the peace and the essence of the satisfaction is coming. In a few landscape drawings the message that the artist wants to portray should be the sad reality of life where people ruin the beauty and anything like that.

Plein air drawing:

Nowadays there are many ways in which artist capture and draw the scene, they can draw in a natural environment that is also known as “plein air drawing” in which the artist wants and like to draw the scene outdoors to feel and portray the natural essence of the scenery, here the drawing will change according to the light scene environment air all things changes as the time passes like if the artist started to draw the scene in the morning till afternoon all the moments that has changed during the time will accumulated in the drawing.

Portray a scene in the drawing:

The other way to easy landscape drawing a scene in the drawing is to capture the picture through a mobile phone and then draw it on paper, in this modern era people love to do this because there are many ways to make changes in the pic and sometimes the natural beauty of the environment is changing and artist want to draw a specific scene of specific time so here they can capture the scene and draw it when they get free.

Moreover, the other way is to make an imaginary scenery on paper or canvas. Here the artist draws all the scenes that he could have imagined. There must be a message, a relief, a peaceful story, or a painful act that the artist wants to portray or express through the painting.

Detailing and creativity:

Detailing and creativity in the painting is the artist’s choice, it depends on the artist how he wants to make the drawing look. landscape drawing with pencil If the artist is doing an outdoor drawing and wants to focus on all the little details that are present in the natural scene they will draw every small detail that will be present during the drawing.

while on the other hand if the artist wants to just make the abstract painting then their focus will be on the impressionistic things only. The mood and the atmosphere are also a part that is expressed through drawing. The artist who wants to portray a scene of rainy clouds will make the drawing in that way which can best portray the mood and the feel people relate to the drawing when they see it.


Painting or drawing is a way to heal for some people while the people who we call an artist that are experts in this domain knows the actual process and feel behind the painting or drawing. landscape painting is a vast ground for artists as they cover a lot of things whatever an artist wants to go with. Landscape drawing is a way to express and celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and its essence more modestly.

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