Basic principles of foreign policy

An important question needs further discussion. On what basis should the state’s relations with other countries and nations be built? Below we give a brief explanation of these principles: The first principle in this regard is that the position of the Islamic nation and the Islamic state is God’s law in front of the whole … Read more

Men, there is no trade with God, and there is no sale of the remembrance of God.

Translators and speakers who do not neglect the remembrance of God by buying and selling and trading. (Al-Noor – (37) Remembrance of God has a very broad meaning. It means that in every situation two people remember God and go north to seek His pleasure. Thus, writing contracts and signing Giving white was declared as … Read more

Be treated in such a way that

To provide financial support to someone To do something rather than that Not limited to myself Bad qualities Like why, there is a long list of reprehensible qualities, including pride and arrogance, miserliness, fault-finding, cheating, treachery, lying, narrow-mindedness, narrow-mindedness, greed and impersonation, extravagance and tyranny, Disappointment and low courage, backbiting, malice, jealousy, breach of promise, … Read more

Ghaznavi government

Raja Jaipal’s teasing When the process of establishing an Islamic state on the part of Sindh began to end, nature released this task from the north. Due to the incompetence of the Abbasid rulers, local kingdoms of Muslims began to be established, among which the kingdom of Subkatgin in Afghanistan was a stable kingdom in … Read more

Family Relationship

As soon as Khusrau Khan’s sister ascended the throne, the Hindus and Hindus began to observe Islamic rites. I have been told that Allah, the living God, raised the knowledge of Jihad against him and took the rulers of Matan Rasman, Sistan and others with him and defeated Khusro Khan. After Khusra’s assassination in 1320, … Read more

Central Administrative Government of the Sultanate of Delhi

 In the Islamic state, Allah Ta’ala is recognized as the Supreme Ruler. After the establishment of the rule of the Islamic state as the vicegerent of the Holy Prophet, the Caliphs continued to administer the caliphate after the end. The Umayyad Caliphate was established in 611 AD after Rashidah’s Caliphate, and the Umayyad Khana continued … Read more

Military system

The direction of Delhi’s rulings was on the phone. The sultan kept his port talon strong through phone only. Mongol rule had been established in Central Asia and present-day Afghanistan, and the Indian subcontinent was always under threat of Mongol invasion from the northeast. Therefore, a strong army was needed from Wafa. At that time, … Read more

Prophet Muhammad

(Sources of Islamic Law). The meaning of al-Ghawi is the source from which something is derived. But in the Shariah term it means the place which Shariah rulings should be obtained from Since Islamic laws are manifestations of God’s orders, they do not reflect any class conflict. Despite the fact that no so-called political authority … Read more

It is the only civilization

has given Annali Saiyan skill and guaranteed and also saved her from the shadow of Barsi. Moral qualities Every righteous act, if it is done purely for the pleasure of God, has the status of worship according to Islam, and deserves to be called worship. But some Muslim thinkers, in order to make things easy … Read more

Islamic civilization and culture

216 Factors of Islamic Civilization (Islamic Beliefs) (Factors of Islamic Civilization: Fundamental Beliefs of Islam) The following is Islamic civilization factors refer to the basic beliefs of Islam, which are called the components of faith in the Qur’anic term. His tehsil -1 Faith in Allah: The entire belief system of Islamic civilization is based on … Read more